Danko Jones- Rock and Roll is Black and Blue review

\"Danko by Reggie Edwards   Danko Jones’ Rock and Roll is Black and Blue is a solid rock album if there ever was one.   Released last year, this is the epitome of what you’d expect to hear on your local rock station, with fast-paced guitars, gritty and powerful vocals and a great lyrics.   Danko Jones have really written a beautiful rock album, one there should be more of, to be honest. Lyrically, the album sums up exactly what the band stands for and what rock is all about.   The band has been around since 2002, that’s eleven years and their veteran status definitely shows here- they are no stranger to making music, playing rock and getting the listener moving.   You can close your eyes and picture it being played live, which is a prime example of classic rock at its best.   If you don’t check out this album, you’re missing out on one of the best albums of last year.   Rating 8/10