Daniel Wade: Stronger Machines review

\"StrongerWithin the present state of music, it\’s hard to find a musician who can release an album that is superior both musically and lyrically than its predecessor. Impressively, Chicago pop-rock artist Daniel Wade has accomplished that feat with his new EP Stronger Machines.

Stronger Machines opens up with \”Fun with Destruction,\” a great pop song with a groovy bass track, followed up with a rocking guitar sound. The track has some of the best lyrics on the new EP too- \”Looks like a good night for a love affair, looks like a good night for revenge. I had a little too much fun with destruction; I\’m giving it up and building something up with all this stuff I hear in my head.\”

\”Failsafe\” is an acoustic style pop rock song, one that will for sure get the listener singing along with Daniel Wade. \”Like An Optimist\” seems like the song that should receive some airplay on the radio or put on a movie soundtrack. It\’s one of those songs that has a catchy pop rock beat and choruses that will get stuck in the listener\’s head.

\”Rooftop Party\” is a good party song, definitely one to listen to while hanging out with friends. Stronger Machines closes out with the track \”Everything That Rises,\” a wel- written pop rock song and a great way to end an awesome album.

With Stronger Machines, Daniel Wade has outdone himself musically and lyrically.

Rating: 10/10

– Philip Coon