Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes! DVD review

Over the past year or two, no WWE Superstar has risen to such a high level of popularity as Daniel Bryan. The YES! Movement became one of the most well-known movements and sayings in all of wrestling- even spreading to popular culture and other sports. WWE\’s latest DVD collection is one that chronicles Bryan\’s entire career and celebrates his rise from an NXT Rookie to WWE World Heavyweight Champion and is one that\’s perfect for any Daniel Bryan fan. Disc 1 is your typical documentary that we\’ve come to know from WWE. This documentary shows not just Daniel Bryan, but also John Cena, Seth Rollins, Bri Bella, Michael Cole and other Superstars, talking about Bryan\’s career and his rise to the top. When Bryan came into WWE, he was labeled a rookie but had more experience than some of the WWE Superstars already on the roster even had. He\’d been wrestling for over 10 years in Japan, Ring Of Honor and other promotions- much like Kevin Owens now. Bryan talks in-depth during the DVD about how uncomfortable he is with fame and celebrity and the cameras following him around during Wrestlemania weekend. The disc shows exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Wrestlemania weekend, exclusive interviews from that week and more while the second two discs feature some of his favorite matches from throughout his career and Bryan discussing each one before the match is shown. Matches include his tryout match for WWE, his NXT match against Chris Jericho,US Title match against The Miz, tag team matches from his stint in Team Hell No, Money In The Bank against CM Punk, his Wrestlemania XXX match vs. Batista and Randy Orton and numerous others. This is a DVD collection that was put together strategically and beautifully. Any fan of Daniel Bryan or wrestling in general needs to go pick it up now. -Reggie Edwards