Damian Murdoch Trio: Electric Tentacles review

Awhile back, Damian Murdoch had a vision to create an instrumental project that would fuse numerous genres together. Well, enter into 2015 and he’s done just that with The Damian Murdoch Trio- consisting of Murdoch- who’s from Austria as well as Michael Posch on drums and Harry Stöckl on bass- both from Australia. The trio have created something truly special with their upcoming record- Electric Tentacles and it won’t take long for the world to notice. The song titles alone are enough to suck you in- “Funky Desert Rider,” “Visceral Chains of the Cosmos,” “Lean Kathleen’s Killing Machine,” “Sleazeball,” “Jump Rope With Electric Wires” and more are some of the most interesting titles you’re going to find. With this record, there’s shades of rock, there’s shades of funk, blues, latin elements, jazz, metal, prog and a lot more. The fact that this much music can come from just three people- only one of them on guitar- is jaw-dropping. There’s not one single song on this record that can be considered filler. Each song has something new and interesting to be discovered and it may take a few listens to get the full experience. This is one of the most complex records you’ll hear this year and that’s a testament to how talented each musician is. While there’s no vocals and that may be hard for some people to get passed, the pure talent of the three when coming together will make up for anything lacking on the vocal side of things. Any guitar aficionado will find themselves at home with Electric Tentacles– as will anyone who’s a fan of metal in general. Prosthetic Records have found a gem in this band and the world needs to just sit back and enjoy the beautiful perfection that is Electric Tentacles. Rating: 9.5/10 -Reggie Edwards