A.D.D.: Core review

Fans of female-fronted rock and southern rock can come together with the latest record from Pavement Music\’s A.D.D., which will make fans of Alter Bridge very happy. With their new record, Core, A.D.D. has that southern rock feel that rock fans and metalheads love so much with the heavy, melodic guitar grooves- they just find a way to dig into your brain and make themselves at home- pounding and pounding away until you surrender to them. Lyrically, A.D.D. is as honest as you can get. They wear their emotions on their sleeve and don\’t hold back. Anyone who\’s lived the blue-collar life will relate to Core in a heartbeat- in fact, it is an anthem for the working class. Songs like “Not My Way,” “Damn Thing,” “Nightmare,” “Nothing Left” or “So the Pain” will connect instantly and vocalist Matilda Moon\’s voice is gritty enough to make things fun, wrap you up and not let you go and kicks your ass into tomorrow. If this is any sign of what\’s to come A.D.D., things are about to get really fun. Keep your eye on them because they could very well be the next big name in rock music. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards