Criterion- The Dead Rose EP

\"\" by Reggie Edwards I\’ve known the guys from Criterion for awhile now, back in the days when they were in another band called Witness7 . They have since formed Criterion and released their debut, The Dead Rose EP. This musical journey is one you absolutely must check out. There are a few rough spots starting out but Criterion quickly catch their stride and don’t look back. The Dead Rose EP takes us through the darkest and heaviest spots I’ve heard on a debut this year. They show us the depths of their souls and it’s impressive to hear this from an upcoming Christian outfit. I love a record that has psychedelic undertones and makes you feel like the song has been going for longer than it has been. There used to be a lot of that but not so much anymore. I tell you this- The Dead Rose EP definitely has that. Everything about this debut is good for the most part. The lyrical content is strong, the vocals are solid, I loved it. Definitely go check out Criterion and you won’t be disappointed. Rating: 8/10