Crash Midnight: Lost In The City review

Fresh off a U.S. tour with The Pretty Reckless and Adelitas Way, Crash Midnight have released their latest record, Lost in the City and it’s clear why they toured with the two established rock acts. Lost in the City shows Crash Midnight playing some of the most impressive rock you’re gonna find coming out at this time. Nevermind the fact that they don’t have the biggest name right now. Let’s focus on the music. In fact, some of the best rock comes from the bands whom you wouldn’t expect. Not that you wouldn’t expect Crash Midnight to write good music. If you’re familiar with them, you know just what this band is capable of. With Lost in the City, the band should be able to make it to the next level. The guitars just scream good old fashioned, in your face American rock and roll. Vocally, Crash Midnight are right up there with the top bands in the game and lyrically they can hold their own with the best of them. From the opening seconds of “151” to “Long as it’s Free” all the way through to “Welcome to Boston” and “You’re the Only One,” it’s very clear Crash Midnight are here to make a statement and take their spot among the rock and roll elite- and it shouldn’t be long before they’re doing just that and getting the respect they deserve with this record. Rating: 8.8/10 -Reggie Edwards