Cradle of Filth\’s Paul Allender talks Manticore

\"Cradle by Reggie Edwards English extreme metal band Cradle of Filth\’s 10th studio album, The Manticore and Other Horrors, was released last October and features a collection of songs about monsters, personal demons and other similar entities. With their tenth album, Allender says the band wanted to change things up on The Mantiore and made a strong effor to do so in numerous ways. One change aspect Allender says the band wanted to do on this record was the usage of a tape machine- a method that\’s almost lost these days. The only problem, he said, was that they couldn\’t find a studio that had one so they may do taht on the next album. Cradle of Filth have released a new album almost every two years for nearly the entire span of their career, something Allender says isn\’t planned but is just how things have happened over the years but it always works. To hear Allender talk about the recording process of The Mantiocore, their recent European tour, the changes made on the new album and more, the full interview can be heard below: Cradle of Filth interview