Corrin Campbell Premieres \”Find Your Way\”

Corrin Campbell recently announced her forthcoming Greatest Hits Dual Disc, set to be released January 8th, 2021. Today she is thrilled to be teaming up with Substream Magazine to premiere the cinematic and remixed versions of her song \”Find Your Way\” – streaming now here: For more information or to pre-order Greatest Hits Dual Disc, please visit:
\”These sisters were an easy first pick for the first release – the remix is the closest ode to to having all the drums I love, and the orchestral version really unleashes a full soundtrack vibe,\” shares Campbell. \”And it\’s almost self-prophetic lyrically, considering it was written over 10 years ago: GIRL – push through the noise, find yourself and take control.\”
A gifted singer, bassist, and songwriter with a penchant for getting at the heart of struggle, isolation, and empowerment with her music, is now equally as soaring in her personal and professional life. Corrin Campbell is set free.
The Nashville-based artist who CNN called \”the Singing Sergeant\” knows firsthand what it means to bridge the gap between diverse groups of people, as both a veteran of the independent music industry and a literal veteran of the Armed Forces. A combat veteran of the 1st Cavalry Division of the US Army, Campbell first rose to prominence as part of a unique recruiting initiative that saw her performing next to Toby Keith and Ted Nugent in Baghdad one day and A Day To Remember and Black Veil Brides the next, in clubs, theaters, festivals, schools, even major sporting events.
Now, the singer raised in Duluth, Minnesota on the music of No Doubt and Nirvana, is free to do whatever she wants however she wants. Greatest Hits is a double-disc celebration of her storied past, released in two parts, freed of the restrictive pressure of the requisite rules and regulations.
Part retrospection and part reinvention, Greatest Hits Dual Disc showcases the diverse body of work Corrin has amassed since she first started recording, as a solo artist and alongside different group configurations. The songs emphasize what her dedicated fans, the Campbell Corps, already know. Her music is creative, inventive, and stunningly personal. She paints with a colorful palette, mixing the urgent energy of Paramore, the theatricality of Muse, and the earnest passion of Sara Bareilles.
There\’s pure grit and true musicianship in her recordings. That dedication to authenticity extends beyond the performances and production sensibilities. It\’s essential not only to the medium, but the message.
\”A lot of my music speaks to people trying to find their place in the world,\” she says. \”There are so many forces trying to dictate who we are, how we dress, how we think. My biggest message is one of pure individuality. Embrace who you really are and do something you love that benefits the world around you. I hope to inspire the courage in others to be free and unafraid to be themselves.\”
Greatest Hits Dual Disc will be released on January 8th, 2021. To pre-order, please visit:
For more information, please visit:
Greatist Hits Dual Disc Tracklisting:
Cinematic (Disc 1):
1. Our Time Now
2. Pieces
3. Find Your Way
4. Sunbeam
5. Ready, Set…
6. Time to Let Go
7. Remember Me
8. Heavy
9. What You Wanted
10. Not for Sale
Remix (Disc 2):
1. What You Wanted
2. Our Time Now
3. Pieces
4. Sunbeam
5. Not For Sale
6. Heavy
7. Remember Me
8. Time to Let Go
9. Ready, Set…
10. Find Your Way