\"\" By Philip Coon Victory Records’ newly-signed up-and-coming UK hardcore band Continents are set to release their debut album, Idle Hands, on January 22. Idle Hands is an energy-filled album that will catch the attention of hardcore music fans around the world. The short intro, “224,” gets you prepared for what is about to hit your eardrums for the rest of the album, which is head-banging, mosh pit causing, energetic music. The title track, “Idle Hands,” sets the tone with intensified fury. Then we then move on to “Pegasus, Pegasus”, a song mixed with growling and melodic vocals. Another standout song on the album is “Exhale.” The guitars and drums will cause you to bang your head and sing along with the catchy lyrics. And “Lion’s Den” is a great heavy hitting song to close out the impressive debut album for the band Continents. Fans of A Day to Remember or hardcore music in general, should definitely check out Continents and Idle Hands. Rating: 9/10