Concepts: Transitions review

Concepts are relatively new to the scene, unleashing themselves upon us in 2011 and not looking back since. Their latest release, an EP titled Transitions is out to the public recently and is very representative of what Concepts is all about. The five-track EP showcases just what Concepts can do when they have the world at their fingertips and is an adrenaline rush that you\’ll be listening to on repeat for awhile. With a dual-vocal threat in Aaron Isbell on screams and Blake Williams on clean vocals, Concepts are an instant winner. Then throw in the destructive and explosive post-hardcore/metalcore guitars, you just can\’t go wrong. With the growing trend in popularity of metalcore over the last few years, Concepts have hit at the perfect time and are right on par with other bands like Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens, Woe Is Me, Of Mice & Men, Ice Nine Kills and Issues. The songs on Transitions mesh perfectly together and flow into one another without any issues whatsoever. The album plays as one metalcore experience and is just long enough to make it matter but just short enough that you can listen to it in one sitting without losing focus or interest. In the end, Concepts have just put together one of the best releases of their career and will have a lot to live up to with their next album or EP. Look for Concepts to hit even bigger in 2015. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards