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Rev’s Radical Rock N Roll

Hello fellow music junkies!

Welcome to my portion of the show, “Rev’s Radical Rock N Roll,” where I mix my addiction to music with other elements of life including poetry, politics, relationships, etc.

My columns will be based on personal experiences from my 20+ years of life in the strange and gritty lane, from my years as a local roadie for the Indianapolis underground scene through my experiences working on camp staff and my time as one of Indiana State University’s most well-known street activists. This will be a bit of a strange ride, so buckle up and hold on.

I have many years of experience in the music scene having spent 2002-2005 in the Indianapolis music scene as a roadie, promoter and performer. I’m the founder of the underground metal fanzine Underground Violence (currently on hiatus) and a former music reviewer for Indiana State University’s Indiana Statesman.

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-Rev. Walter Beck