Cold Snap: World War 3 review

Tight, crisp deliberate guitar riffs coupled with an exhilarating beat dropped from drummer Denis Roškarić, Cold Snap’s new album- World War 3 will be certain to resonate with metal and heavy rockers spanning the globe.

Eclipse Records has signed some great bands in 2014 and this one is set to make it a positive start to 2015.

The album starts out with \”Straight to Hell,\” a complex array of awesome with precision to the punch line, these gentlemen from Croatia are here to shred the metal and rock pipeline. \”Straight to Hell\” gives listeners a Korn-esque feel which leads straight into \”Carnival\” and \”Rise Again.\”

These two songs are where Lead vocalist, Jan Kerekeš, shows off his multi-faceted voice combing the likes of Elias Soriano of Nonpoint, and Sully Erna of Godsmack into a single body.

Listening to the brief one minute and four seconds of \”Unleash Me\” is like walking through the entry way of a haunted house expecting to find the something seemingly horrifying, little did you know the \”Monster\” lies in the next song.

\”Unleash Me\” and \”Monster\” are perfectly executed, combining these songs together gives the listeners the complexity of the talents Cold Snap is providing to their listeners in this album.

\”Dead Guardian\” \”slows down the album, then throws in a huge haymaker right into the listeners face leaving them begging for another round. Although the song may not fit completely into the album there is a possibility of this song being the most receptive of all of the songs on the album. \”Silent Killer\” and \”Court Is Corrupted\” combine some of their biggest influences, Korn and Disturbed.

All the songs on this album transition fluidly throughout and really show how talented the guys from Cold Snap is. If you\’re someone who needs some new music in your life after a tremendous rock year of 2014, this is one album that should be the start of your collection of 2015.

Rating: 9.5/10

-Luke Ballengee