COIN Unveils New Single \”Sagittarius Superstar\” ft. Faye Webster

COIN unveil their new single “Sagittarius Superstar” featuring Faye Webster today! The track is the group’s newest offering from their Rainbow MixTape via AWAL / Committee For Sound & Mind. The dreamy song floats with warmth, ease and enchantment as the captivating duet between COIN’s Chase Lawrence and Faye Webster vacillates between tender love and heart-aching repudiation.
Lead singer Chase Lawrence noted “We\’ve written a lot of songs in the past year. this year has made us want to explore every corner of ourselves. we made the idea Rainbow Mixtape as an outlet to express every different outcome of our collective brains – all the colors we make together. on the energy of self discovery & experimentation, we made a whole batch of songs centered around our love for 60s & 70s rock. the first song from this \’era\’ is \”Sagittarius Superstar\” featuring our friend Faye Webster. it\’s a simple song about love & delusion. have a listen & share it with someone you love <3”
“Sagittarius Superstar” follows on the heels of the band’s latest EP, Indigo-Violet, released last year. The EP was the first batch of songs in the Rainbow MixTape, intended to conceptualize the mood represented by the colors in the title. Indigo-Violet is a four-song collection of dynamic alternative rock-pop tracks showcasing the band’s versatility.
Rainbow Mixtape is the latest from the group since their album Dreamland, released in early 2020. Dreamland has since surpassed 80 million streams to date and was the first release from COIN’s label property Committee for Sound & Mind which is a global partnership with AWAL.
Since the arrival of their 2016 breakthrough single “Talk Too Much,” COIN have continually turned out sublimely catchy alt-pop, equally built on effervescent hooks and an understated complexity. With that dynamic earning them a passionate following, the Nashville-based trio have spent much of the past few years bringing their sing-along-heavy live set to frenzied crowds all across the globe. COIN have embraced their instincts more fully than ever, dreaming up some of their most sonically adventurous yet emotionally direct batch of songs to date.