Clutch- Earth Rocker review

\"Earth by Reggie Edwards One of the top anticipated albums this year is Earth Rocker, the latest from Clutch, a band who you absolutely must check out if you haven’t yet. These guys are on the rise and will ninja your brain if you aren’t ready for them. Nothing is more evident of this than on Earth Rocker. The follow up to 2009\’s Strange Cousins from the West, this album definitely lives up to the hype. There’s nothing over-the-top here, just good, solid rock, even if this isn\’t their heaviest album. Clutch know how to capture the essence of true rock and roll and have put out their strongest record to-date. If you want a strong rock album, Earth Rocker is the way to go. Earth Rocker is loaded with rock-heavy anthems mixed with mellow, steady rock with just the right balance. This is definitely one of the better albums of the year. Rating: 9/10