Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Share Throwback-y Video for \”Gone Are the Good Days\”

CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK! — Bertrand Poncet, vocals; Éric Poncet, guitar; Paul Cordebard, guitar; Mathias Rigal, bass; and Bastien Lafaye, drums — have just shared the video for the anthemic and inescapably dancey title track of their upcoming fourth album Gone Are The Good Days, out July 30 on Fearless Records.

Listen and watch here.

The video features the band in performance mode, Sheriff Woody from Toy Story, and a love story told through old school media such as VHS tapes and cassettes.

Gone Are the Good Days perfects the Paris-based band\’s DNA-distinct blend of \”easycore.\” It\’s teeming with incredibly catchy jams that invite you to pump your fist in the air, sing along, and to dance like no one is watching! It will serve as the soundtrack to your next party. Pre-order it here.

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! previously shared the video for first single \”Bitter.\”

Gone Are The Good Days follows Get Lost, Find Yourself (2015), Pardon My French (2013), and Something For Nothing (2010).

Because of the pandemic, the writing process for Gone Are The Good Days happened remotely: Bert and Bastien handled most of that initial work, then swapped files with their bandmates, who were scattered in other areas. The members of Chunk! were able to connect in person for a short stint at Alias Studio in January 2021 — the first time they\’d all been in the same room for the last four years. Making Gone Are The Good Days was a redemption in numerous ways. \”The album was a way for us to turn the 2020 bullshit into a better mindset,\” Bert says. \”To give us a better future.\” Chunk pulled off a magic trick with their long-awaited fourth LP: staying true to their pop punk path, while finding brand new avenues to travel down.

\”Drift Away\”
\”Gone Are The Good Days\”
\”Made For More\”
\”True Colors\”
\”Good Luck\”
\”Complete You\”
\”Blame It On This Song\”
\”Tongue Tied\”