Chunk No Captain Chunk: Get Lost, Find Yourself review

A consistent placeholder in the Warped Tour sensation, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! has been known to get their crowds into nothing short of a riot. They return year after year, and no one is surprised to see them traveling up the ranks within their scene. Their newest release, Get Lost, Find Yourself is an LP that will lead their long-time fans to the barrier, and newcomers to their iTunes page. Their goal with this record was to “get lost in their creative process,” and this was certainly accomplished. Rather than trying to put the contrasting sounds next to each other, they chose to more effectively blend them together into a unified front. The result is a powerful energy and conviction C!NCC!’s albums only hinted at before. C!NCC! is described as a combination of the stark contrast between their catchy pop-punk beats and hardcore roots. Pardon my French (2014) was largely centered around vocals, with the instrumentals kind of adapting themselves to fit the screams. The album is well described by the title of the third track, “Bipolar Mind.” This approach definitely emphasizes the harder aspect of their sound, but Get Lost, Find Yourself takes a different route along a more cohesive style. This isn’t to say by any means, however, that any of the power or rhythm is lost in these new tracks. The styles are more braided together than muddied, but they’re woven much more tightly than the band’s previous work. There isn’t much change to report in terms of individual components such as vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals, but they’re used in different ways in Get Lost, Find Yourself. As with most artists, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is evolving to use these elements to more effectively convey what they want to say. Anyone can put on a killer show, but watching a band grow to do something more focused and meaningful is something beautiful. Continuously supported by their fans, Chunkk! No, Captain Chunk! has set a high bar in front of themselves for their next tour series. Get Lost, Find Yourself is exactly what these guys did, and they’ve had massive success. These tracks are aggressive and intense, but damn son, they’re catchy. Rating: 8.5/10 -Kelly Fox