Christy Nockels: Let It Be Jesus review

Worship music is a growing genre and is expanding more and more every year. The popularity and dynamic power of the music is undeniable and, when done right can be one of the most emotional listening experiences in music. The latest worship record to hit the stores is Let It Be Jesus from Christy Nockels and is one that takes a different approach than other worship albums recently released. What makes it so different? It\’s a live worship album and one that takes you from your couch, desk or wherever you\’re listening and puts you right in the crowd, making you feel like you\’re there with Nockels. While it\’s a different approach to a worship album, it\’s also nothing so different and so new and out of left field that it\’s going to catch you offguard. The songs are just the right length while there are two seven-minute tracks- “Everything Is Mine In You” and “Who Can Compare”- which take you an up-and-down journey in themselves. With Let It Be Jesus being Nockels\’ third album, she\’s really come into her own as a songwriter and musician and it shows on this record. Let It Be Jesus is one of her strongest albums yet and will be one of the most peacefully powerful worship experiences you\’ll have. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards