Christopher The Conqured announces new full-length album

Singer/songwriter/pianist Christopher the Conquered will release the most important album of his career, I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll, via Maximum Ames Records on May 13th. From the first note of the album it is clear that Christopher bears all. Each song takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery and his unique blend of styles has a little something for everyone. Christopher the Conquered gained notoriety last year when Ryan Adams discovered him and exclaimed via social media: “Christopher the Conquered is the real deal.” The album is available via all digital retailers including iTunes at The physical version of the album comes with bonus tracks: the CD includes 2 bonus tracks the vinyl LP contains 3 bonus tracks and both versions will be sent autographed when ordered from the label website. There is also a Deluxe Edition that features the vinyl and CD version of the album, a limited edition CD of bonus material, a bonus cassette of original demos and a photography book by Jerrod Jordahl. The first 365 fans who pre-order the album from his website or the label website will receive an original song by Christopher composed for the person who pre-orders it.  I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll is now available for pre-order on the Maximum Ames website here: or at “This album isn’t for me,” explains Christopher. “I created it with the listener in mind. I want people to reflect on their lives and what they’re doing when they listen to this and feel happy. There’s no reason to live under any pretense or obligations other than your own passion and love. The album is about that.” The first video from the upcoming album is for the album closer, “I’m Not That Famous Yet.” The video was recorded while Christopher was touring in the United Stated last year. In an interesting turn of events, he was pulled over and forced to take a field sobriety test. The video features a look at the test while a reflective Christopher sings in to the camera. The video for “I’m Not That Famous Yet” premiered on and can be seen here:   The track listing for I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll is:            1. I\’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll 2. Mystery 3. On My Final Day 4. I Lose It 5. Everybody Rains 6. Be A Good Person 7. I Guess My Heart\’s Out Of Tune Again 8. What\’s The Name Of The Town 9. I\’m Not That Famous Yet Christopher the Conquered recently kicked off a European residency tour. The tour started in Bremen, Germany on January 7. It moved to Italy on February 5 and wraps on March 14 in Cremona Italy. More information on the tour can be found