Christian Moshing: is it Biblical?

by: Reggie Edwards \"Mosh Ever since metal graced the Christian music community and Christ Metal began rising in popularity amongst the younger generations, the questions have become to flood the masses- is moshing biblical? Should Christians mosh? Should Christian bands influence it? These are perfectly valid questions, and there are many people who have never been to a Christian metal show, who have never experienced it, who are very confused when they see Christians taking part in such a “violent” activity, seeing as how Christians are biblically called be peaceful and stray away from violence. Imagine the confusion when they see or hear about Christians taking part in the activity that has rendered so many people injured or dead. And not only are they taking part in it, but they are doing it with other Christians­— participating in an art that could hurt their fellow believer. That’s a very good argument, however the term I just used, art, is exactly what it is— an art. And trust me, there is a difference between mosh pits at a non-Christian metal show and a Christian metal show. At a secular (non-christian) show, the mosh pits are very unorganized and pretty much every-man-for-himself. If you get knocked out or knocked out, it’s usually your fault and you are lucky if you get helped up. Some people don’t pay attention to what they’re doing and just run around taking out everyone in their path. Fights break out and this can sometimes turn into a bloody mess. Now, at a Christian show, however, it is a far different story. Christian moshing is like an art. It is a beautiful mural painted on the Christian metal scene. It is sometimes very organized and the people taking part are almost always very considerate of the people around them. There are even “pit moves,” that is very similar to dancing. Now on to the point of this entire thing, is it biblical and should Christians take part in it? Are we sinning as Christians if we take part in the “violent act that is moshing?” Psalm 149:3 says “Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.” I have no idea what a timbrel is, but Psalm 150:4 says “praise him with timbrel and dancing, praise him with the strings and pipe.” No that is not an argument in favor of marijuana, by the way (bad joke, right?) but to me, and I’m sure many will agree, moshing is a style of dancing, as dancing can be defined as the organized movement of the body to music. If that is what dancing, is then moshing is dancing, and also biblical as the Word of God says very clearly to praise him with dancing. Not to mention praise is anything we do to worship God and to show our love toward him, which is what Christian metal and all Christian music is, right?