Chris Tomlin: Love Ran Red review

Master of worship music, Chris Tomlin is back with his latest collection of inspiring praise and worship tracks in Love Ran Red, which comes just a year removed from his no. 1 album, Burning Lights.

Love Ran Red is exactly what you\’d expect from Tomlin as he\’s found a musical style that works for him and not only brings in thousands of listeners but reaches them too. It\’s also, however, a completely different approach from Burning Lights. While the 2013 smash hit album was action-packed and very poppy with some light rock elements, Love Ran Red shows Tomlin taking a step back and while is previous record wasn\’t musically heavy by any means, this one goes more down the acoustic worship road.

The bulk of the album is peaceful yet one of the most powerful studio efforts of Tomlin\’s career. To release an album just one year removed from a no. 1 charting project is tough and for it to be as impressive as this is an accomplish and testament to Tomlin\’s songwriting and musicianship. It won\’t be long before some of these songs are embraced by the masses.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards