Chosen- Resolution review


by Reggie Edwards

It’s rare in the music industry nowadays to create something new and different. It’s even rarer when this happens and it’s good. The majority of new bands out there and new musical acts are just recycled versions of what’s already been.

Irish metallers Chosen may not be completely innovative, they may not be game-changers, but their latest album, Resolution, is definitely a different take on metal.

It’s gritty, it’s heavy, it’s riff-loaded- it’s got it all. There’s that tiny undertone of Irish heritage and traditional Irish music just beneath the surface and if you listen, you’ll hear it.

However, if it was a little more dominant and prominent it would add to the effect- the album does lose some steam toward the end but it’s not enough to take away from the overall experience.

Overall, Resolution is a great album and an impressive record. Chosen could easily pick up steam in the States because, lately, a lot of the metal has been blending together and fans are itching for something fresh and new.

Rating: 8/10