Chimaira unveil new music video from upcoming album

CHIMAIRA have debuted a brand new music video for their single \”No Mercy\” today via their own web page. The single, as well as the full album preorder, are now available via iTunes. Vocalist Mark Hunter weighs in:

\”We are pumped to present the first official video for our new album \’Crown of Phantoms.\’ Directed by Cleveland native Patrick Finegan, \’No Mercy\’ is a ferocious, twisted, cerebral ride through hell and back. Enjoy the trip!\”



CHIMAIRA has announced the \”CROWN OF PHANTOMS\” tour surrounding their highly anticipated new LP of the same name. Dates will stretch coast to coast in the U.S. with support from THE BROWNING, THREAT SIGNAL and label-mates DARK SERMON.
1. The Machine 2. No Mercy 3. All That\’s Left Is Blood 4. I Despise 5. Plastic Wonderland 6. The Transmigration 7. Crown Of Phantoms 8. Spineless 9. Kings Of The Shadow World 10. Wrapped In Violence 11. Love Soaked Death  


CHIMAIRA will release \”Crown Of Phantoms\” on July 30th. With critical accolades already starting to compile, this is set to be some of the band\’s best material to date. 

\”Tracks like \’No Mercy,\’ \’Plastic Wonderland\’ and \’Spineless\’ are absolute slayers that will surely impress longtime fans and newbies alike, and bring that classic \’I Hate Everyone flavor\’ we\’ve all grown to love.\” – REVOLVER MAGAZINE

The band recently posted a video that reveals album artwork, track listing and 30 second song clips from their new album. CHIMAIRA also made headlines by way of crowd-funding a fan version CD/DVD where they more than doubled their initial goal via IndieGoGo. For more than a decade, Chimaira has been imposing its gravity on the metal community by continually touring the globe and selling more than a million albums worldwide. Their brand of heavy music has evolved and transcended both itself and the trends while maintaining its persistent, bludgeoning force. In 2013, Chimaira continues to direct the masses & define a dark future with their new album, “Crown of Phantoms.” Make no mistake; a monster has come in from the darkness to feed. Awakened, haunted, pissed-off, and above all, completely aware. You have no choice but to allow Chimaira to transcend your expectations yet again.

CHIMAIRA is: Mark Hunter (vocals), Austin D\’Amond (drums), Sean Zatorsky (keyboards), Emil Werstler (guitar), Jeremy Creamer (bass) and Matt Szlachta (guitar).