Chevelle takes their hats off to Indy

\"Chevelle\" Chevelle are one of those bands who never disappoint live. They play always blow you away with an impressive collection of songs from each album and play a long set that satisfies everyone. Their latest tour in support of Hats Off to the Bull has been no exception and shows the band playing a superb balance of new material with classic Chevelle fan favorites. \"Chevelle\" Their March 20 stop in Indianapolis showed Chevelle playing to a wild, rowdy appreciative crowd- one which opened a giant pit in the middle of the set that lasted to the very end. The band interacted with the crowd on a very personal and positive level, which brought the best out of the fans who were an eclectic group of longtime Chevelle fans and newfound fans. They kicked off the night firing on all cylinders with two songs from their latest album, “Same Old Trip” and “Hats Off to the Bull” before exploding into “Jars,” from Sci Fi Crimes. \"Chevelle\" Not to mention the old favorites they played, including “Get Some,” “Send the Pain Below,” “The Clincher” and “Comfortable Liar.” I don’t think I’ve heard Chevelle sound as good as they did in Indy. Any fan of Chevelle would have been in rock heaven with this set- it had everything.