Chasing Dragons: Checkmate review

At long last, Chasing Dragons are back with their latest offering for the diehard legion of fans in Checkmate, a short but sweet experience that will leave you repeating the record over and over.

Opening with a theatrical and symphonic Prelude that leads into some pounding metal with a haunting narrative, Checkmate is off with a bang.

“Throw Down Your King” and “That’s Not Love,” which features a throwback riff intro kick off the record’s bread and butter section before bludgeoning you with “For The Sake of Murder.”

“The Last Defence” keeps it up with a hypnotizing piano-based ballad before destroying you with closer “Broken Jaws,” which features a tribal drum intro and entrapping guitar riff. This leads into an impressive jam session mixed with some of the catchiest rock choruses you’ll find.

In the end, Chasing Dragons have channeled the early days of bands like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and others and show exactly what they can do. It’s no surprise they have a loyal fanbase and their rabid fans will get exactly what they’ve been wanting with Checkmate.

Rating: 8/10

-Reggie Edwards