Chariots of the Gods- Tides of War review

\"\" by Hans Jaeger Chariots of the Gods are a newer melodic thrash metal band out of Canadawith their first full length, Tides of War, dropping on January 29th. When first sitting down with this band, I had seen many comparisons thrown around. They were touted as “melodic death metal” comparable to In Flames or Children of Bodom. However while stylistically similar, the quality is lacking. The intro, “Overture,” starts with tribal-sounding drums. It was almost reminiscent of an army preparing for war.  However the tides never seem to crash down.  Quite a few of the songs begin to sound like rehashes of other bands and the vocals feel weak and unimaginative. The album picks up again around the title track, “Tides of War”. The Intro feels fresh compared to the tracks before and it is a well-blended song touching both the melodic side and the heavier side. This fresh feeling is short-lived as we begin churning through more murky waters. As the intermission, “SnowFallson theWhite River(1914)”, comes in we do hear a unique take on the classic acoustic guitar over piano. The second half of the album begins to come to life. Many of the solos become noteworthy (particularly in “Severing the Bloodlines”) but the drab vocals continue on. More complexity comes out and a tighter focus shows up.  It felt too little too late. While the album is not a complete letdown, it is somewhat generic. The first half of the album is full of melodic breaks that sound as if they were hacked up and glued crookedly into a thrash album. The guitar work is well-done with many standout solos, but the boring vocals quickly become distracting. This band has potential but a clear focus was needed throughout.  With time and maturity they have more to offer us in the future. Rating: 5/10