Celebrity fitness trainer to release new single, “Funky Luv”

What happens when you mix a blend of the Motown-era mixed with modern day R&B? You get a new mix of something funky and innovative which is exactly what celebrity fitness trainer and musician, Jamal Gordon did with his debut single, “Funky Luv” to be released May 19. Gordon, who is a celebrity fitness trainer by trade, began his music career at a young age when he began playing the drums in his home church. Although fitness training took precedence over his music career, Gordon never forgot his roots and true passion. “I started playing the drums at a young age and that’s pretty much where my musical journey began.” said Gordon. Gordon grew up in Quincy, Florida where his musical influences ranged from Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, James Brown and Aretha Franklin just to name a few. Growing up as a drummer in his home church, Gordon was able to mix fitness and music together as he saw himself becoming more fit just from playing the drums.  He was then inspired to create a new workout movement where individuals could work out to music and using drum like movements. “The drum fit campaign was created and designed to help people get more active using the one thing that everyone loves—music!” said Gordon. With his debut single in tow, \”Funky Luv\” is a great mixture to keep Gordon active and involved with both of his passions—music and fitness. “One of the greatest things about this single is that you can dance to it and break out into a sweat.” said Gordon who also admitted that he plays the single during his weekly client and power turbo Zumba sessions. Gordon also states there is a music video in the works for his debut single. “We will be shooting the video soon and it’s going to be a funky video.” said Gordon who was heavily influenced by James Brown for the single and new music video in the works. With his new music career in stow, Gordon also hopes to collaborate with other artists and is looking to the possibility of touring both his music and fitness movements together to gain a wider reach. \”Funky Luv\” will be available on Itunes and Google Play, May 19.