Cavalera Conspiracy offer studio update

Cavalera Conspiracy, the band featuring the legendary metal brothers Max and Igor Cavalera are in the final stages of working on their third album and their first for their new label home Napalm Records.  The band is working with producer John Gray (Soulfly) and plans on having the record ready for release in Fall of 2014. Frontman Max Cavalera checked in from the studio to give an update: On working with his brother: \”It has always been some kind of killer magic whenever I play with my brother.  We have a special connection that comes out through the music and the crowd reacts to it in an insane way.\” On the recording process: \”Pretty much I have to get into CAVALERA CONSPIRACY mode.  I wanted the new album to be faster and thrashier with the concept of Old Babylon.  As far as recording equipment, we use everything!  We don\’t rely too much on Pro Tools like other bands.  All Iggor\’s tracks are live drums.  The energy is all there and we play all the guitars and sing of top of it, so in a way, it\’s like the old ways of recording.\” On feelings of pressure regarding the band\’s third album: \”There\’s pressure but I also like the challenge.  I think it is the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY\’s most and intense and fastest record yet.  I am very proud of it.\” More updates and news on CAVALERA CONSPIRACY\’s new album will be released in the coming weeks.