Butcher Babies: Goliath review

\"Goliath                       by Reggie Edwards Butcher Babies’ debut record, Goliath, will completely mind-fuck you. Just by listening to it you wouldn’t believe it’s their debut. If you’ve been following Butcher Babies at all, you’ll know they’ve had one hell of a ride so far and it’s just getting started. They toured with Marilyn Manson and then with Otep already and have added Mayhem Festival to their resume as well. Goliath is one for the metal masses. With bludgeoning guitars, bone-crushing drums and booming bass, this is the perfect way to start their studio career. Working with Josh Wilbur, whose resume brags Lamb of God, Gojira and Hatebreed, was the perfect move for Butcher Babies as the man knows how to help put together a killer metal album. Goliath screams early Otep meets Marilyn Manson and makes it obvious they have what it takes to make it to the top. Rating: 9/10