The Bunny The Bear: Food Chain review

The masked duo of The Bunny the Bear are an American post-hardcore band, to say the least. They combine howling screams and sweet clean vocals in their electronic, dance floor meets mosh pit melodies. The band formed in 2008, releasing their self-distributed, self-titled album in 2010. Soon after they signed on with Victory records and it has been an amazing climb up the food chain. Their most recent album is bound to be a hit for the post-punk, industrial, or modern heavy crowd. Food Chain keeps its well-known bouncy electro sound and throat-shredding screams, along with the lullaby clean vocals. Since their debut The Bunny the Bear have had members come and go, creating a relatively new sound, even if the band is back to their original members. Since day one the band has dabbled in different electronic genres, and they jump around on this album, too, from dubstep to thrash and then back again. They even dip their toes into what seems like the early 2000\’s and stole a pop-punk techno mix with romantic vocals that truly aren\’t romantic at all. In the end, Food Chain should be able to keep their current fans happy and bring a few new ones into the fold. Rating: 7/10 -Cait Hummell