BULLETPROOF MESSENGER Releases New Single \”The Divide\” to all digital outlets

Bulletproof Messenger released their brand new single “The Divide” to all digital outlets! This will not only mark their first release in over a decade, but a return of the explosive, energetic, and hard hitting rock music fans have come to love from them, coupled with a newfound maturity as a result of the adversity and challenges which they have overcome in their later years. “The Divide” is only the first song of a new line up of tracks that will knock you out with their exuberance, their raw power, and – let’s face it, their punctuality. BPM is ready to share this new chapter in their lives with their loyal and dedicated fans, while making many new ones.

“Cross now the divide- it’s close to becoming a mile wide” is the opening lyric to this energetic song, which we wrote during a time when people were driven into isolation, creating one of the most divisive periods in our recent history. It’s about overcoming our differences, the challenges we face, and getting back to living life the way we were meant to live it, not through an artificial means of communication, but face to face and in person\” says the band.

Blistering rock set against technology and laced with intricate melodies, Bulletproof Messenger build a new kind of hybrid filled with power and intelligence.

The band\’s touring history includes slots with many national acts including major recording artists Incubus, Seether, Fuel, Karnivool, Smile Empty Soul, Nonpoint, Trapt, Drowning Pool, Collective Soul, Adema, Blindside, Everclear and more, performing overseas as well as in the United States. BPM was also selected by XM Satellite Radio as one of their Top 50 Unsigned Acts.