Bullet For My Valentine: Venom review

Just two years removed from Temper Temper, Bullet For My Valentine are back with a vengeance and they’re injecting everyone with their new record- Venom. Releasing while the band is out on the road with Slipknot, Lamb Of God and Motionless In White on the Summer’s Last Stand Tour, the band has new life once again and they’re firing on all cylinders. Temper Temper was a big letdown following Fever and lacked that certain intensity found in a BFMV album. There was just something missing and fans picked up on it when the band released lead single “Riot” before the album released. Fast forward to 2015 and they’ve unleased Venom and it’s everything Temper Temper wasn’t. This one has the ferocity and aggression we’ve all come to know and almost expect from the BFMV guys over the years and it’s like going back in time to the days of Scream Aim Fire or The Poison. It also helps that the band released a few songs- one song almost a year in advance- to show fans the power and command is back once again. If you dug songs in vein of “Waking The Demon” then you’ll absolutely become a disciple once again with Venom. This is the album Bullet For My Valentine needed to make to keep the fans engaged and believing and they delivered on every level. Welcome back, Bullet For My Valentine, welcome back and well done. Rating: 9.5/10 -Reggie Edwards