Bullet For My Valentine- Temper Temper review

\"Bullet by Reggie Edwards Bullet for My Valentine is one of those bands whose albums always pack a punch, leave you breathless and exhausted from an intense adrenaline rush. Songs like “Tears Don’t Fall,” “Your Betrayal,” “Waking the Demon” and “Alone” are prime examples of what can be described as anthems of the damaged. With the Welsh metal outfit’s latest release, Temper Temper, listeners are left wanting more in numerous aspects, as hard as it is to admit. Temper Temper lacks that donkey punch to the gut we’ve always gotten from the guys in Bullet for My Valentine. Starting off with “Breaking Point,” we have a good rock song, but that’s about it. It has a little bit of the attitude that has made the band as loved as they are but still lacks that last bit of intensity. Throughout the album we have an unbalanced amount of angst, hatred, attitude and every other tone and emotion you would expect from Bullet for My Valentine. Overall, the album is not a bad album and is still a decent release for the band. However, measured up to their previous releases, Temper Temper does not match up, not in the least bit. If Bullet for My Valentine want to keep the near-untouchable reputation they have built up over the years, they need to vastly improve on their next full-length. Rating: 6/10