Buffalo Summer

\"BuffaloWhen Classic Rock Magazine says “A little Zeppelin here, a touch of Skynyrd there, and a big helping of Free pretty much throughout… What’s really impressive here is the hunger and conviction of the delivery” about a band, it’s clearly time to sit up and take note. That’s exactly what they had to say about Buffalo Summer, a South Wales based band offering up ‘groove laden, sing along balls out rock n roll.’ Having already supported the likes of Duff McKagan (who wore a Buffalo Summer tee whilst hosting the 2012 Classic Rock Awards no less), Ugly Kid Joe and Skid Row, and having performed at the 2013 Download Festival, there’s no denying that Buffalo Summer are on the rise through the scene. Stating themselves that “It’s gonna be a long hot summer when the Buffalo rolls into town. Hold them horns tight…it’s gonna be a hell of a ride”, the guys have set out with their self-titled album and have been converting the masses to their music ever since, so what of the record. Launching into being with She’s All Natural, there’s no denying the catchy and rock-orientated feeling that immediately hammers into being, grabbing the listener and pulling them in to listen harder. Fast-paced and intricate guitar work combines with soaring vocals and solid rhythms to form a sound that’s sure to get you moving, shaking, drinking and cranking the volume ever higher. Contrasting this approach with the opening moments of Down To the River, there’s no stopping the progression of Buffalo Summer, throwing all links to Wales out of the window and instead, sounding like something straight out of the Southern States of the US. Other key highlights on the record include “Rolls On Through” – a funk laden track that’s surely crafted for the live scene and beer drinking, “March Of The Buffalo” – a musical representation of their journey through music packed with riffs and soaring vocal lines, and the groove laden “Typhoid Mary” – a track which almost harks towards old school RHCP in some ways, yet still manages to keep you aware of who you’re listening to. Having said that, on an album of this calibre it’s hard to pick high points as quite simply, every track works as it should, keeping you listening and safe in the knowledge that old school rock n roll is in safe hands. As “Ol\’ Duke” brings the album to a close there’s only one thing left to do, hit rewind and go back through it all over again. It’s no wonder that Buffalo Summer are receiving the critical acclaim they are as quite simply, their self-titled album is stunning from start to finish. Step aside Black Stone Cherry, there’s a new unit set to take over. Rating: 10/10 – Dave Nicholls