Buckcherry: Rock n Roll review

Since their inception in 1995, California based rockers Buckcherry (A play on words for Chuck Berry) have released 6 good time Rock ‘N’ Roll albums about the finer things in life, like Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll and their seventh release, the aptly titled Rock ‘N’ Roll, on their own F-Bomb Records, is no exception. Rock ‘N’ Roll marks the band’s 20th anniversary and is a giant middle finger to the very notion that Rock ‘N’ Roll is dead. The album was once again produced by guitarist Keith Nelson and comes hot on the heels of the hugely successful Fuck [EP] from 2014. Right out of the gate, lead single & video for “Bring It on Back,” which is about the outlaw racer Kurt Busch, has a “Crazy Bitch” vibe to it. While “Tight Pants” takes a big risk by adding a horn section that yields maximum payoff. Elsewhere, Josh Todd’s voice is as raspy as ever on the country (Yes country) flavored ballad “The Feeling Never Dies” that Todd sings to his daughter at home and “Wish to Carry On” is a self-empowering anthem that encompasses everything a great Rock ‘N’ Roll song should be. Tracks like closer “Get With It” and “The Madness,” which deals with the struggle of urges that are bad for you, show that their not trying to reinvent the wheel. When it works this well and rides so smooth, why would you? While “Cradle” has a Janes Addiction meets Creed feel to it. Songs such as “Sex Appeal” and “Wood,” which could be the theme song for Viagra, are your typical Buckcherry sexually laced good time Rock ‘N’ Roll, similar to their hit “Lit Up” that could have appeared on any of the bands earlier catalog, while by stark contrast, “Rain’s Falling,” is a bluesy & soulful slow burner that goes to the very heart of the band’s roots. Here’s the bottom line. If you’re looking for the album to play at your next party, give Rock ‘N’ Roll a spin. You won’t be “Sorry.” Rating: 8 out of 10. -Eric Hunker