Buckcherry: F**k review

In today’s music world fans are buying less and less full-length albums and buying mainly singles now. With this change, a lot of bands are releasing only singles or just an EP instead of a full-length. The latest band to release an EP rather than a full-length is Buckcherry and their latest offering, Fuck, and it may be one of their best releases in awhile. With an EP, you can listen to the entire thing numerous times and that’s exactly what you’ll do with Fuck. The six song EP opens with “Somebody Fucked with Me,” which is their statement song. They basically say “fuck everybody” because somebody fucked with them. This song is classic Buckcherry and is exactly what they do best and is one of the better songs they’ve released in recent years. “Say Fuck It” has that quick funky rock vibe that’s made Buckcherry so popular and will be an instant hit for the band, especially on radio while “Fist Fuck” is another one that could become an immensely popular live song following the Buckcherry tradition set by “Crazy Bitch” and “Too Dunk…” Fuck is a record that only Buckcherry could pull off like this. They’re one of the bands who don’t care what anyone says- they’re gonna say what they want and if you don’t wana hear it, then don’t. Fuck is unique in that every song is about fucking, getting fucked over, or just not giving a fuck. While most of their releases have been solid, Fuck is one of their best releases since Black Butterfly. Buckcherry fans will love this one and those who aren’t fans will still be able to find something on the short EP to enjoy as well. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards