Bryan Stars Tour takes a Bite out of Indy

Photos and review by TJ Crenshaw

The Indianapolis stop of the latest Bryan Stars Tour was the place to be. A lot of people were turned onto new bands and one of them, Snow White’s Poison Bite, is a very young, upcoming band from Finland.


Snow White’s Poison Bite commanded the stage with such great communication skills it made their fans very comfortable at the show- they’re a must-see band if you haven’t heard of them or seen them yet- great musicians and overall great guys.


Farewell, My Love is the next band on the bill fans must check out. These guys are very fan-friendly and hung out with their fans afterward- signing autographs. They looked very professional and polished- their bass player, Charlee Conley has played with Jake Pitts of Black Veil Brides and Brent Ashley from Davey Suicide and Static X.

Both bands have great stage presence and connect well with their fans- look for them on big national stage soon.