Brothers of Destruction: Greatest Matches DVD review

There may be no tag team in WWE history with the colorful and eventful history of Kane and The Undertaker. Both victims of a disastrous inferno during their childhood, The Undertaker thought for years his brother was lost in the fire that consumed their parents, only to find out years later that his younger brother survived the fiery torture only to want revenge on The Undertaker.

Their battles have been legendary and their relationship unforgettable and when they put their differences aside to team up, they formed one of the most dominant and unstoppable teams of all time. To commemorate the success and notoriety of The Brothers of Destruction, WWE has released their latest DVD- Brothers of Destruction: Greatest Matches.

No Disqualification Match for WWE Tag Team Championship vs. Edge and Christian

(Smackdown! 4/19/01)

It\’s hard to believe this match was over 13 years ago, but it was. This was back when the Attitude Era was on the way out but still going strong at the same time. It was also right before the Invasion storyline started. Edge and Christian, one of the most decorated and successful tag teams were enjoying yet another storied reign as champions….until they ran into the Brothers of Destruction. With Rhyno in their corner, the tag team champs were all-but a lock to retain their titles- but that was just in their minds. This match had it all when it comes to a NO DQ Match and was a beautiful back-and-forth bout. Just when it looked like Edge and Christian had the match in their back pockets with Kane fighting Rhyno on the entrance ramp, The Undertaker did what he\’s always done best and took on both champs, giving Christian his Last Ride and bringing the Tag Team Titles back to the good guys.

Tables Match vs. The Dudley Boyz

(Raw 7/30/01)

The Invasion of WCW and ECW on WWE was in full swing here. The Alliance was running rampant and it truly looked at times as if WWE was actually in jeopardy. What better team from the Alliance to take on the WWE Tag Team Champs than ECW legends The Dudley Boyz?

This match pretty much epitomizes what the Invasion storyline was all about. The Brothers of Destruction had the match one when The Undertaker was setting up to chokeslam Devon through a table when WCW referee Nick Patrick moved the table out of the way to keep the match going. Towards the end of the match, Diamond Dallas Page- who had a very personal feud going with Undertaker came out to harass Sara- \’Taker\’s wife. He helped set up Sara for a top rope powerbomb through a table but then Kane came to the rescue, taking Sara away from Bubba Ray Dudley, leaving him the victim of a top rope chokeslam through a table- giving the WWF the win.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match vs. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O\’Haire

(Smackdown! 8/9/01)

In the height of the Invasion, WCW Tag Team champs Palumbo and O\’Haire issued an open challenge to the WWF, saying they could beat any team in the WWF and put up their titles as incentive for a challenge. Enter the Brothers of Destruction, who won in a pretty quick one-sided victory. At this point- shortly after the WWF bought them out- WCW didn\’t have many household names left on the roster and featured many young rising stars and Sean O\’Haire (who we recently lost- R.I.P.) as well as Chuck Palumbo were two of the most promising young stars WCW had to offer. This was the beginning of the inevitable victory WWF would have over The Alliance.

Steel Cage Match for WCW Tag Team Championship (vs. DDP and Kanyon)

Summerslam 2001 (8/19/01)

DDP and The Undertaker had one of the best feuds of the entire Invasion storyline. The Undertaker had recently found out someone was stalking his wife, Sara. The man was taking videos of her without her knowledge and more. Come to find out it was WCW star Diamond Dallas Page. This started a very personal and very realistic rivalry, which culminated in \’Taker teaming up with his brother, Kane (WCW Tag Team Champs) to take on DDP and his best friend, Kanyon (WWF Tag Team Champs) at Summerslam in a title-for-title steel cage match. It also marks one of the only times where WWF stars held WCW titles while taking on WCW stars who held WWF titles- confusing? Yes. Epic? Precisely.

vs. MVP and Mr. Kennedy

(Smackdown! (12/15/06)

A random tag match but a good one at that. While the previous matches on the DVD showed the American Badass biker persona of The Undertaker, the rest of the matches feature The Undertaker how we all remember and love him- The Deadman, The Phenom, The Lord of Darkness. We also see the unmasked Kane from here on out while the earlier matches featured the masked demon. This match was just before a major PPV with two stipulation matches so the emotions were running high and this is The Brothers of Destruction at their best.

vs. Mark Henry and Big Daddy V

Smackdown! (February 1, 2008)

A perfect matchup for The Brothers- the most destructive tag team against the largest tag team. Not their best match as a tag team but they come out victorious anyway.

vs. The Miz and John Morrison

(ECW • April 15, 2008)

One of the more rare and unknown matches The Brothers of Destruction had in their career. Taking on The Miz and John Morrison, Kane was the ECW Champ and \’Taker was WWE World Champion and what they unleashed on the young ring stars was nothing short of spectacular and classic Brothers of Destruction. The match and DVD ends with both brothers holding their respective championship belts.  

While this DVD is a short, seven-match collection, it\’s a perfect piece of history for any fan of Kane or The Undertaker. One of the few collections to feature The Undertaker\’s biker/American Badass persona at its best.