Bride: Incorruptible review

\"Incorruptible\"Few bands can say they influenced a major part of a genre. Few bands last long enough to be a part of the beginning and current days of their genre either. Bride are one of those bands who can say both and they were one of the biggest players in the Christian metal days of the 1990’s. Albums like Fist Full of Bees, Snakes in the Playground, Kinetic Faith and others are some of the best albums of Christian metal history and are still favorites amongst many metalheads. Come on, how can you not love the high-pitched, piercing screams of Dale Thompson? Bride’s latest record, Incorruptible, shows the band tapping into some of the most emotional and hard-hitting lyrics of their career and going down some dark roads lyrically and thematically. Thompson and company must have been going through some tough stuff while writing this record because it shows- then again that usually makes for some music that resonates well with the fans. If you like the classic heavy metal sound of Bride, you’ll love Incorruptible as it shows Bride capturing elements of each era of Bride beautifully while keeping things current at the same time. Incorruptible is the perfect record for any longtime fan of Bride and is a good place for new fans to start out at, so do yourself a favor and go pick up the record. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards