Love and Death\’s Brian \”Head\” Welch talks new album

\"\"  by Reggie Edwards Love and Death (featuring Brian \”Head\” Welch) are on the verge of their biggest year yet. Their first major label release, Between Here & Lost,  relesased on Tooth and Nail Records and the War of Change Tour with Thousand Foot Krutch, The Letter Black and The Wedding is just the start of what looks to be a very busy 2013 for the band. Welch recently sat down with us to talk about the new album, the upcoming tour, working with Mattie Montgomery of For Today, on the single \”I W8 4U\” and more. \”That guy is so passionate about what he does,” says Welch about Montgomery. “What’s funny is I was at my parents’ \"\"house over the summer and was trying to come up with lyrics cuz we had these new songs…I laid it down and went into the house and got a text message and it was Mattie and he was like ‘Hey, bro, I just wanna add this in there that if you ever want me to do some guest spots on your album.’ I was like ‘It’s funny you should text me that right now! I just came up with this crazy, heavy part, it would be perfect for you!’ And I ended up sending him my idea a day or two later and he ended up recording it a month or two after that as he was recording my vocals in the studio the same time he was doing Immortal (the latest For Today album) so I got the same vibe he was doing on the For Today album so it was pretty cool.” Welch also talked about Love and Death’s upcoming War of Change tour with Thousand Foot Krutch, The Letter Black and The Wedding and how important the timing of the tour is, being on the heels of the album release. “The timing’s perfect,” explains Welch. “It gives us a chance to get in front of people because our band name is pretty new and hasn’t had time to spread around. Hopefully this will be able to [do that]; we have a great, energetic live show so it just worked out great. “You know how those things fall into place cuz it’s meant to be and this whole year I’m hoping it’s gonna work out like that cuz there’s a lot of things that have been coming against us and falling out of place. But there’s a time for that, to strengthen you, keep you going and fighting and then there’s a time when blessings just fall in your lap and I’m thinking this year is [going to have a lot of that].” Welch talked in-depth about the experience of the May 2012 Carolina Rebellion festival, where he rejoined his former band, KoRn, on stage for the encore of \”Blind,\” a song he\’s played for years with his solo band. He also touched on the upcoming Rock AM Ring and Rock IM Park shows this summer, where he will be playing two full shows with KoRn. The entire in-depth interview with Welch can be heard below. Interview with Love and Death frontman Brian \”Head\” Welch: Brian Head Welch