Brendon Small\’s Galaktikon review

\"GALAKTIKON\" by Reggie Edwards Imagine if Battlestar Galactica and Dethklok had a lovechild. Well, Brendon Small’s Galaktikon is about as close to this as you can get, and it’s pretty close. Science fiction fans and metal fans finally have a band they can come together on in Galaktikon, the most recent brainchild of Metalocalypse creator and visual metal juggernaut Brendon Small. Tagged as Brendon Small’s Galaktikon, Small’s debut solo album tells the tale of an intergalactic superhero, “Triton,” who is served with divorce papers from his ex-wife and takes a drive through space to blow off steam. During this drive, he visits The Lazer Witch, a therapist who warns Triton not to try and save his wife if she were to get into trouble, citing extreme danger. Meanwhile, Triton’s arch enemy, Beastblade, has escaped from prison and swears revenge on Triton. He seduces and has sex with Triton’s ex wife and Triton finds out. Knowing she’s in danger, he contemplates whether or not to save her. This is any sci-fi/ and metal fan’s dream come true. Then put Small at the helm and you are all-but guaranteed a metal masterpiece. Complete with dazzling and bludgeoning guitar riffs and licks a-plenty and such a good storyline it keeps you intertwined in the album from start-to-finish, this is both an entertaining and adrenaline-rushing debut metal album. So what happens with Triton? You’ll have to listen to Brendon Small’s Galaktikon to find out. Rating: 9/10