Breaking Benjamin’s Keith Wallen Shares “Headspace Holiday” Video

BREAKING BENJAMIN guitarist KEITH WALLEN will drop his latest solo album Infinity Now on May 3 via Rise Records. Pre-save it here

Today, Wallen has shared the video “Headspace Holiday.” Watch it here.

“Life can stress you out and there’s a lot of bad news on the TV more often than not, so ‘Headspace Holiday’ is about just that, the need for a mental escape from all of life’s noise,” Wallen shares about the song’s inspiration.

As for the videol, he states, “It can be a challenge to find the right visual representation for your music sometimes, but we were able to get some cool performance and artsy silhouette shots. The director Jake Johnson was awesome to work with and I really like how it turned out. Plus, there was a Trans Am in it so that was cool!”
“Headspace Holiday”
“The Wolf”
“Don’t Fall Asleep”
“Crown of Thorns”
“Crush Me”
“Dear Father”