Breaking Benjamin continue return with sold out show in Indy

It\’s been a few years since we last saw Breaking Benjamin. After a legal battle with former band members, a huge lineup change and other obstacles, Ben Burnley is finally back with a new incarnation of the band and, to celebrate the release of their latest record- Dark Before Dawn– the band has hit the road for a massive US tour that recently hit Indianapolis\’ Egyptian Room- one of the band\’s most played venues. It was a packed house- as it always has been for Breaking Benjamin- and that wasn\’t all either- Yahoo! was broadcasting the entire show live online so the entire world was able to tune in and watch. Young Guns took the stage first, though, for a set that Indy wasn\’t horribly familiar with (since there isn\’t an active rock radio station in Indy, it\’s hard for the fans to find the new bands sometimes). It didn\’t take long for them to win over the crowd and by the end of “Bones” the entire room was singing so loud you couldn\’t hear the band anymore. Not long after Young Guns finished up, Breaking Benjamin took the stage and they didn\’t waste any time getting right to it, opening with “So Cold” and “Follow.” It was like the mid-2000\’s all over again- Ben Burnley hasn\’t lost a step in the time the band spent away. You could feel the overwhelming energy in the room. Not only was the band ready to make their return to Indy, but the fans in Indy were more than ready to see the band again. Indy has always been one of their strongest markets and it was proven yet again this time around. The crowd was as loud as you could possibly imagine, so loud that you could barely hear the band at times and the Egyptian Room was filled almost to capacity. They played a strong 20-song set that included virtually every song fans could have wanted to hear and they also threw in “Failure”- the lead single from their upcoming record. As the show progressed the environment became more and more indescribable. The crowd was getting louder and louder as the band got further into the set and by the end of it, the combination of the crowd and the band was deafening. It was obvious they were happy to be back in Indianapolis and back on the road. Each member took turns coming to the edge of the stage, getting as close as they could to the fans, making for an even better experience for those in the front row. At the end of the night, Breaking Benjamin proved exactly why they’ve been such a force to be reckoned with over the last 13 years. Not only do they continually write strong music, their live show is one of the best around. They’re also one of the few bands who know how to convert non-fans into fans. If you haven’t been a big fan of their music- just go see them live and it’s guaranteed to change your mind. Breaking Benjamin is back with a vengeance and a newfound fire. New lineup or not, if you don’t catch Breaking Benjamin on this tour, you’re robbing yourself. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Breaking Benjamin in Indy/Young Guns/\”] [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Breaking Benjamin in Indy/Breaking Benjamin/\”]