A Breach of Silence steals the show on Drowning Pool tour

Recently a four-headed dragon comprising of metal, modern rock, metalcore, and voodoo metal converged on a single venue, Mojoes, in Joliet, Ill. for a show that provided entertainment to all rock and metal enthusiasts, with the likes of Red Tide Rising, A Breach of Silence, Like A Storm, and headliner Drowning Pool. The show started out with Red Tide Rising. Frontman Matthew Whiteman shows just how special his voice is. With the melodious verses he sings it’s no surprise people have compared him to the likes of Sully Erna from Godsmack. The perfect example of this was them playing their most well known single “The Otherside.” The energy Whiteman portrayed on stage could get even the smallest of crowds jumping like a subwoofer thats been hit with the double bass repeatedly. Next up on stage, coming to the United States of America for their first American tour, was A Breach of Silence. Coming off the release of their newest album A Darkest Road, the boys from Brisbane, Australia sent the crowd into a sense of hysteria. Lead singer Rhys Flannery\’s perfectly executed screams, coupled with bassist Blair Layt\’s voice straight out of the book entitled 80\’s metal is enough to get any crowd moving around like a ricocheted bouncy ball that never loses its momentum One of the most interactive songs on the new album “Vultures” did nothing but engage the crowd and made them beg for more once they completed their set. Flannery also explained the complexity of the new album and what they tried to do with it. The perfect example was the playing of the title track “A Darkest Road,” which was wrote for a dear friend of theirs, Dan Graf. After walking from one side of the room to the other after their set there was a tremendous buzz about how great these guys were. You can also check out The Darkest Road album review by clicking the following link: http://thefrontrowreport.com/breach-silence-darkest-road-review/ While this buzz circulated, Like A Storm took the stage. Coming off their most successful album, which saw two songs in the Top 40 US Rock singles, they opened with the most wonderful sounding instruments that has been introduced to metal, the didgeridoo.  With the didgeridoo as there witness they went right into their most popular single in the United States, “Love the Way You Hate Me.” The second of their most popular hits, “Wish You Hell” off their forthcoming album- Awaken the Fire- which hit #31 on the Top 40 US Rock Singles. The song, perfectly executed, almost blew the roof off the place after it was brought down with A Breach of Silence. Throughout the show Like A Storm\’s acoustics were perfect for the smaller venue, but scream for the day when they\’ll be gracing the main stages of rock venues across the world. Emerging from the shadows of their earlier fame, Drowning Pool, coming off the 13th Anniversary release of Sinner, proved that they could still make the bodies hit the floor. From the songs “Bodies” to “Tear Away” Drowning Pool did not flaw from the metal they introduced to the stage over a decade ago and guitarist CJ Pierce made sure that the crowd stayed entertained through the entire show barring a couple of technical mishaps. -Luke Ballengee Pre-show interview with A Breach of Silence: