A Breach of Silence: The Darkest Road review

Infectious, captivating, heart-stopping, and suspenseful are just a few words that can be used to describe the second album from A Breach of Silence, The Darkest Road, which was just recently released. Let\’s dive into the party of The Darkest Road with the first song “TPNE-” an acronym used to shorten the terms of “The Party Never Ends” which might be the most accurate definition of this album. “TPNE” would have made for the perfect song for the scene when The Hulk smashes Loki over and over again in the final moments of the Marvel\’s The Avengers in 2012. The intro of a party anthem into the deliberate and crisp tones from the guitar plowing through to the cascading sound of the bass drum just pushes this song to the brink of greatness. Transitioning from the heart-pounding bass drum into the melodiousness intro from lead vocalist Rhys Flannery “The Darkest Road” provides a tremendous story about their friend Dan Graf, who is now a quadriplegic after a water slide accident in 2012. The music video illustrates his most recent battle learning how to walk again now that treatments are available. There are multiple shots of Graf working at trying to walk again. It takes true friends to write such a wonderful song that punches you in the throat on so many levels once you find out the true meaning. With Flannery\’s perfectly executed screams and melodies it helps separate A Breach of Silence from the competition. With the album artwork being that of a mere vulture sitting inside the ribcage of a devoured animal it’s only fitting the next song discussed is that of “Vulture.” This song continues to exhibit the same upbeat nature of the previous two songs. With how upbeat the album is there are still some surprises that the group throws at you in this album. That would be that of a ballad or two. There seems to be a dying art of making ballads but A Breach of Silence really demonstrates a profoundness to make you rethink they are dead. The song “Immortal” is one of a ballad for the ages. The harmonies and heaviness illustrated in this song makes you think of Metallica meets Journey, including the wonderful guitar solo towards the end of the song. In the song “Time Still Remains” the only instrument that is used is that of a piano. This song will take you back to the day of Journey and Steve Perry. One would think that this metal band would not have something so low key on an album but it is the perfect ending to their story. Take the time to check out the album as it dropped on October 7th. It will not leave the listener disappointed. Rating: 10/10 -Luke Ballengee