BoyMeetsWorld- Do What\’s Best For You review

\"Do                       by Kelly Keating BoyMeetsWorld are a pop punk/rock band whose latest EP, Do What’s Best For You, is an energetic combination of exciting group vocals, alternating rhythms, and grainy guitar parts that’s just perfect for cruising down the road with the windows down. This EP truly showcases the talent of these musicians and with a message of learning how to live and have fun while doing it, you can’t help but smile after hearing one song. Vocalist Craig Sulken utilizes catchy group vocals and chants that are sure to get you singing along.  In true punk fashion the drummer uses interchanging rhythms that mix old school punk with pop rock. Their gritty guitar tones add the driving rock feel that adds body to their sound.   This EP has that good old-fashioned hometown rock band feel that gives them a sort of musical innocence you just can’t find now a day. BoyMeetsWorld have truly worked hard to get to where they are.  Their songs clearly embody their message on helping fans grow up and have fun while doing it. Do What’s Best For You will cheer you up on the bad days and have you singing along on the good days. Rating 7/10