Born Of Osiris have been slowly growing in popularity over the last few album cycles. Steadily on a two-year span between records, the band has finally unleased Soul Sphere– their fourth full-length- upon us and it’s lived up to every bit of buzz it’s received. I was recently turned onto the band when I saw them at 2014’s Vans Warped Tour so I was late to the party but quickly ran to listen to the band’s previous albums with how impressed I was so, needless to say, I couldn’t wait for Soul Sphere. With Soul Sphere, the band is right there in your face from the very onset of opener “Free Fall” and it’s nothing but an all-out metal onslaught from there. Loaded with just the right balance of breakdowns-meet-deathcore-meets-metalcore, Soul Sphere is exactly what fans wanted to hear from Born Of Osiris on the heels of Tomorrow We Die ∆live and that’s just what the band needed to do. The band is really coming into their own and taking things to the next level with Soul Sphere and, while they’ve expanded their sound and presence, they’ve also stuck to what’s made them as popular and loved within their fanbase as they have been- the synthesizers are prominent as ever- oh, the synths, how we love them! When it’s all said and done, Born Of Osiris have put together one of the strongest albums of their career and kept the ball rolling. With strong slots on tours like Summer Slaughter and Vans Warped Tour, their fanbase is growing more and more at all times and they’re firing on all cylinders with Soul Sphere and you can expect them to make even more noise going forward. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards