Borders Share \”Fix This\” Video

What do you get when you toss ferocious, hard-hitting metalcore in a blender with elements of hip-hop, grime, hardcore, and alternative metal — and then finish it off with a dash of introspection and brazen, no-holds-barred energy? You get Borders, a young-but-driven collective hellbent on taking the heavy music community by storm with an onslaught of thought-provoking, sinister, and brutally aggressive tracks. Borders continually push their sonic limits. The new album, Bloom Season, is out worldwide via Arising Empire on November 18. Pre-order it here. Today, they have shared the video for \”Fix This.\” Watch it here. \”\’Fix This\’ is about my mum going through cancer and how it affected me,\” says singer Jordan Olifent. \”It\’s very difficult watching someone you love wither away without any kind of security or hope for tomorrow. Cancer is all-consuming, not only to the patient, but also to their support systems. Luckily for me, 12 years later, my mum is still alive and well. I love you mum.\” BLOOM SEASON TRACK LISTING: \”Fade to Black\” Fix Thiss \”Suffer\” \”NWWM\” (Feat. Dropout Kings) \”I Get High \”Gaslight \”Godless\” (Feat. Elijah Witt of Cane Hill) \”Cut the Rope\” \”MDM\” \”Bloom Season\”