Bobaflex debut Anything That Moves in Indy

Bobaflex brought the heat when they rolled in to Indianapolis on a warm, muggy night a mere 48 hours after the release of their sixth studio album, Anything That Moves. Indy’s 5th Quarter Lounge hosted the party, which included support from Minneapolis-based Sleep Signals and local acts Bionic Monks and Adam Stoner of Black Dali. With the band taking the stage a little after midnight on a Sunday night the crowd was smaller than it could’ve been under better scheduling circumstances, but those who stuck around were the type of fans that bands dream of showing up at their gigs- fans who have rock and roll flowing through their blood. It was almost like stepping back into the 80’s- before the days of Instagram and YouTube, back when the fans went just as hard as the bands they were there to see. From the very first note of “Start A War” many in the crowd were dancing and didn’t let up until the end of the night. By far one of the biggest highlights of the night was the performance of their newest single, “Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away),” to which fans were more than happy to sing along and lend their voice to the gang vocals featured during the chorus. Throughout the night the new material easily stood alongside some of the band’s classics, which is no small feat, but with Anything That Moves the band managed to take their past success and kick it up a level to deliver some of their strongest material to date. Bassist Jymmy Tolland is a fantastic addition to the band’s live show. Replacing an original member of such a tight group would be a daunting task, especially when you consider Tolland was barely in elementary school when Bobaflex first formed, but after seeing the band live it’s clear Tolland fits right in, especially when you notice the pack of cigarettes he’s got tucked inside one of his boots. The only disappointment of the night was the short set- a mere 13 songs. Given the hype surrounding the new album it would’ve been nice to have a few more of the new tracks sprinkled in, but if nothing else it will make fans all the more eager to head out to the next show. Whether they’re playing in front of thousands of people at a festival or 50 fans in bar carved out in the basement of an old church, the guys of Bobaflex attack at full force. They leave everything on the stage after unleashing a relentless barrage of rock anthems that can give fans a serious case of whiplash from the sheer amount of head banging going on. Catching a Bobaflex show should absolutely be at the very top of every rock fan’s summer bucket list, and you’re in luck because the band has a number of dates scheduled across the Midwest through the remainder of the summer and on in to September. -Ashley Adcox [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Bobaflex in Indianapolis/\”]