Bobaflex: Anything That Moves review

Just two years removed from Charlatan\’s Web, attitude-fueled rockers Bobaflex are back with an even bigger-sounding record in Anything That Moves. The last two albums have seen a huge career resurgence and second wind for Bobaflex, spawning hits like “Bury Me With My Guns,” “Bad Man” and “I\’m Glad You\’re Dead.” Anything That Moves should be no different and could be the album that even catapults them to the next level. From the very beginning you can tell the attitude and vengeance is stronger than ever and they\’re here to make a statement that they aren\’t going anywhere- they\’re just getting stronger. Songs like “Dry Your Eyes,” “Mama (Don\’t Take My Drugs Away)” and “A Spider In The Dark” make for a perfect knockout punch and give the album that kick in the nuts that all rock fans love. This is where the alum really picks up and kicks into overdrive. “Show Me” has a bassline that has so much groove you\’ll be dancing while the opening riff of “Objectified” has that funk that you won\’t be able to get out of your head. When it\’s all said and done, Bobaflex have continued to do what they do best- write rock music that\’s infectious and lyrics that everyone can relate to. This is by far Bobaflex\’s strongest album yet and it\’s just getting started too. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards